Welcome to A Fair Tax on Flying – the campaign to reduce the UK's Air Passenger Duty (APD). With a new government in place, it has never been more important to keep the pressure up to lower this harmful tax. Please read on to discover what APD is and why it is so damaging for the UK.

What is APD?

  • Air Passenger Duty (APD) is the UK Government tax that is charged on passengers departing from a UK airport.

  • The UK has the highest air travel tax anywhere in the world – which means APD puts the UK at a competitive disadvantage.

  • Why APD should be reduced

  • APD is bad for business, increasing the costs of UK companies trading internationally and of international companies doing business with the UK. It is also bad for businesses dependent on domestic air travel.

  • The British Chambers of Commerce calls APD ‘a trade tax on global traders’. The CBI, IoD and many other leading business groups have also highlighted its damage.
  • What are the benefits of reduced APD?

  • A reduction in APD would boost the UK economy as a whole and support our valuable travel and tourism sector. It would also make it cheaper for companies to trade and do business in both traditional and emerging markets. Research by PWC has shown that scrapping APD altogether could create 61,000 jobs and boost the economy to the tune of £18bn.

  • Since Ireland abolished its equivalent of APD in 2014 there has been an increase in traffic at Dublin Airport and both Ryanair and Aer Lingus have announced new routes.
  • What we are calling for

    We want the UK to be able to compete internationally, to support tourism and businesses, and to make it easier for people to have a holiday or visit family and friends abroad:

  • We are calling for a significant reduction of APD – at the very least APD must be brought in line with other European countries. At present the UK is at a competitive disadvantage.

  • Independent evidence demonstrates that reducing APD will have a positive effect on the UK economy – we are calling on the Government to conduct a wide-ranging review of the economic impact of APD, and act on the findings.

  • We are calling for any reduction in APD in any part of the UK to be matched everywhere in the UK. The Scottish Government plans to reduce APD by 50%. This needs to be matched across the UK so that everybody benefits equally.