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Thank you for visiting this website. Due to the General Election taking place on the 12th December 2019 contacting MPs is not possible at the moment. The function will be become available again once the election has taken place.  Thanks for your support for the campaign.

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We need your support to help convince Members of the Westminster Parliament to reduce APD across the whole country. Email your MP by clicking the button:

Why should APD be reduced across the UK?

✈️ APD is bad for UK PLC

  • APD is bad for business, increasing the costs of UK companies trading internationally, and of international companies doing business with the UK. It is also bad for businesses dependent on domestic air travel.
  • The British Chambers of Commerce calls APD ‘a trade tax on global traders’. The CBI, IoD and many other leading business groups have also highlighted its damage.

✈️ APD has a negative effect on tourism

  • Travel and tourism is one of the UK economy’s most vibrant, diverse and valuable industries, contributing a staggering £127 billion to GDP annually and sustaining over 3 million UK jobs.
  • With 72% of visits to the UK by air, APD has a direct negative impact on travel and tourism spending.

✈️ APD burdens families going on holiday

  • APD makes it more expensive for families to go on holiday or visit friends and family abroad.
  • APD is a burden on the family budget, putting UK families at a disadvantage compared to European families. Even with the recent changes exempting children from APD, a family holiday remains a significant purchase, in part because of APD paid on adult tickets.