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A Fair Tax on Flying welcome reports Ministers mulling post Brexit APD changes - A Fair Tax On Flying
A Fair Tax on Flying welcome reports Ministers mulling post Brexit APD changes

Following on from comments made by Exchequer Secretary Robert Jenrick MP that the Treasury may change the double taxation of UK domestic flights after the UK leaves the European Union, Spokesperson for A Fair Tax on Flying Tim Cade stated:

“It is encouraging that the new Minister has stated the Government could look at reducing domestic APD post Brexit, however we believe that he should look at reducing APD for all flights to demonstrate that the UK is open for businesses as Brexit approaches.

“APD is the highest of any form of aviation taxation in the EU and acts as a tax on consumers and on trade. UK businesses are being placed at a competitive disadvantage at the very time that we need to be reaching out to form the global trading relationships that are essential to our post Brexit future.

“82% of British businesses believe that cutting APD will help the UK remain competitive as a trading nation, post-Brexit. It is time that the Treasury listened to the voices of British business and made cutting APD a key priority.”

This was covered in the Daily Telegraph – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2018/01/16/cost-uk-domestic-flights-could-slashed-brexit-ministers-mull/

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