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A Fair Tax on Flying welcomes support from DUP ahead of Budget - A Fair Tax On Flying
A Fair Tax on Flying welcomes support from DUP ahead of Budget

Ahead of next week’s Budget, The A Fair Tax on Flying campaign have welcomed the support of the DUP Parliamentary Party who last week delivered a letter to the Treasury outlining their support of the call to reduce Air Passenger Duty (APD) by at least 50%.

Alongside this, The A Fair Tax on Flying campaign has also released video messages to the Chancellor from the DUP MPs which outline their concerns about the impact that the UK’s high level of APD has on the UK’s economic growth and international competitiveness.

Speaking at the event:

Sammy Wilson MP, (DUP, East Antrim) stated:

“This tax puts the United Kingdom at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to attracting business, flights and tourists. In Northern Ireland, we have seen international flights wiped out as a result of the Irish Republic poaching flights because they don’t have Air Passenger Duty”

Emma Little- Pengelly MP (DUP, Belfast South) added:

‘We are asking the treasury to consider cutting this tax – not just in Northern Ireland but across the United Kingdom – to give us that necessary competitive edge to be able to compete with other European countries, with the Republic of Ireland, whose rates are much, much lower than ours. It makes no sense to put a tax on this at a time when we are trying to encourage business and encourage tourists to the United Kingdom.”

A spokesman for the A Fair Tax on Flying campaign welcomed the support of the DUP stating:

“The demonstration of support by the DUP ahead of the Budget is exceptionally welcome. Our campaign is backed by parliamentarians across the house and it is clear that political support is growing for a decisive cut of at least 50% in APD.”

“The UK’s sky-high level of APD is makes no sense, particularly as we leave the European Union and need to increase our connectivity and ensure that the UK remains open for business.

“The Chancellor must listen to the increasing number of parliamentarians, businesses and members of the public calling for action and decisively cut APD in next week’s budget.”

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