UK Air Passenger Duty Campaigners Welcome Pan European Study Backing Abolition of Aviation Taxes

The ‘A Fair Tax on Flying Campaign’ has welcomed the report from A4E (a European trade body for airlines) that abolishing aviation taxes would boost European economies by 215 Billion Euros and create over 110,000 jobs by 2030.
Dale Keller, spokesman for the A Fair Tax on Flying Campaign that is campaigning for at least 50% cut in UK aviation taxes said, “This is yet more evidence supporting our case that air passenger taxes hold economies back. The case for reducing air taxes in the UK is even stronger, as we need Britain to be Brexit ready.

“UK Air Passenger Duty is the highest in the EU and double the next-highest such tax in Germany. The Chancellor needs to take decisive action and cut APD by at least 50% in his November Budget to bring us into line with our competitors, creating jobs and growth as a result.”

The full report can be read here –

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